Our top 6 reasons why promoters need mailing lists

A promoter without a mailing list has every reason to be janky. Here’s my top 6 reasons why Promoters should start building your Mailing list today.

6. It’s Everywhere – Everyone has an email address. Most people do use social media too. But with social media, there are 15 different apps. How difficult is it to connect with all your fans when they’re scattered all over the place? Email gives you a central place to manage your fan base so you can build yourself a real entertainment business.

5. It’s Cheaper – You can reach your fans on social media with sponsored posts which costs money. Email has a cost as well. But email is relatively cheap and with email, you’ll be connecting with existing fans. Existing fans means that engagement will be higher and costs will be lower. And every smart business person knows that existing customers are the life blood of your business.

4. It’s Qualified – Folks on your email list already love you. You’ve won them over at one of your shows and they joined your list because they wanted a way to stay in touch. They’ll consume and share your content, come to your shows and spread the word for you. Imagine releasing a new album and sending it to 20,000 fans directly instead of hoping and praying that social media doesn’t hate on you and shadow ban your posts.

3. It’s Automatic – Email automation is slick. You can build a relationship with your fans with different types of email messages. Tell your story through a series of predefined email messages and have them scheduled to be sent automatically. Try doing that with social media.

2. It’s Direct – Email gives you direct access to your fans. There are no social media algorithms standing between you and your fans. You send it, they read it. Or not. But it’s there.

1. It’s Yours – Your email list is yours. You own it. Social media followers in contrast are rented. You pay a fee to access your hard earned fans and the social media giants can decide to take your fans away from you at any time. Are you cool with someone taking away your entertainment career? Good luck with that.

So these are my top 10 reasons why you should be building an email list. I could just as easily create a top 10 list of reasons why you should be using social media as well. They both are great and you should be using both. Unfortunately, a lot of promoters are sleeping on email but email is excellent at a lot of things. Ignoring it is like driving a car with only 2 tires. You’ll get there. But you’ll get there quicker, safer and with less risk if you had an email list. Ok. That’s a stretch. But I think you’ve got the point.

What do you think? If you started building your email list today you’d be in a better position in the future? Or am I just talking smack. Let me know.



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