What is known today as the Overbooked™ platform actually started years ago as something I created for my self to help me promote and grow my personal brand. I saw an opportunity to set myself apart with technology. At the time, I connected a bunch of services together like Google® calendar, YouTube®, email services and connected all of them to my website and my blog. I had some things automated and running in the background like newsletters and status updates. It worked so well that I thought it’d be great if I could share what I was doing with other people. But at the time that seemed like an impossible thing. I had to take everything I was doing and package it up in a way that was simple and easy for anybody to use. I had to create a mobile app.

A lot of people know me around New England as the funny comedian that performs stand-up, produces funny videos and a regular podcast called What the deal Dale But what many didn’t know is that I’ve been developing software since the dot com bubble. Around 2001 I joined an e-commerce startup that sold fine art on the World Wide Web. (Yeah. It was that long ago). I consulted for the United States Navy on their Advanced Tactical Assessment System doing submarines stuff. Then I had joined a global healthcare company developing class 2 medical devices. I’ve been building complex systems for a long time.

Overbooked™ is different though. This time around, I’m driven by my passion. I have a passion for entertaining and I want to be successful. I learned that marketing, promotion and a strong network is is critical if you want to live the life of an entertainer. There was a time where t.v. networks created tomorrows stars. Well, creating today’s rising stars? The answer is we are. We’re pushing ourselves. And it a long hard road. I realized that you have to take what you want and surround yourself with other people who also want to go places. No one is going to hand you anything. “Ain’t no saviors out here B!!!” I created the Overbooked™ platform because I saw an opportunity to create something powerful enough to bring talented and driven creatives together and give them US, tools to succeed. That’s why I made sure the Overbooked™ platform was more than a mobile app. It’s a community.

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, do this: Have a look at the image above. Do you know anyone that fits the description? Singers, Promoters, Comedians etc.? If you do then please share the Overbooked™ app with them and help us build our network. Because this network along with our new tools is what’s going to help take us to the next level.

The Overbooked™ app saves you time and makes promotion easy by helping you:

  • track your gigs
  • sare to social media
  • set reminders
  • get travel directions
  • and even comes with a free web calendar to make it easy for fans to follow along and show their support.

Plus, every Overbooked™ subscription gets you access to the private Overbooked™ community where you can connect with people like you, from all over the world.

Simply put, Overbooked™ is a platform to help you build a following and grow your network. And it’s more than an app, it’s a community.

Save time and make money with the first app for independent artists. Head over to the app store. Download it today. And get Overbooked™.

Join our beta program and enjoy access to the Overbooked™ platform absolutely free for 30 days. And as a way to say thank you for becoming a founding member of the Overbooked™ community, continue your monthly subscription for the discounted rate of only a $1.99.

Get your career on track. Get Overbooked.

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