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for the Entertainment Community

gain independence being independent

We help artists who love the stage but struggle to make a living go from opening act to star of the show with a 3 Step Method for building an engaged fan base

Talent Alone Isn’t Enough

Entertainment can be a long tough road. But new opportunities present themselves when you have leverage. You gain leverage by having access to Real True Fans. But you need to hold on for dear life to every single person you’ve touched. Else you’ll end up going nowhere. Fast.

Email remains one of the best ways to maintain direct access to your fans and our app provides an easy 3 Step Method for building an engaged fan base

Email Automation. SIMPLIFIED

We’ve Automated Email Automation

Email can be complicated but by focusing strictly on the entertainer community we are able to put the power of direct connectivity in your pocket.

Fan Capture

Collect Fan Email and build your following

Automatic Emails

Fans automatically get an email when you add an event in their area


Find out why email is the best way to build and engaged fan base and why our app makes it so easy to do.

Never Stop Moving

You shouldn’t have to pause to be productive so we’ve made sure to design our events management app to keep you on the move.

Manage Events

Keep Track of Your Events


Never Get Lost with GPS Directions


Set Reminders and Never Be Late Again


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Keeping You Connected

We want you to stay connected with fans as well as other entertainers. That’s why in addition to a personalized landing page, you also have access to the Overbooked™ community, our private social platform for you to connect with other users and expand your network. Available exclusively to Overbooked™ members.


Promote & Share Events to Social Media and build your following

Landing Page

Free Landing Page for adding events to your website and sharing with Fans


Build your network on the Overbooked™ Community


We’re Created by an Entertainer

The Overbooked™ platform was created by an entertainer. Being an entertainer as well as having promoted numerous events we’ve learned how artists, promoters and their fans interact. This app and platform is designed to fit seamlessly into your day to day workflow and keep you connected on the go.

Opening Act Plan

Our Opening Act Plan will guide you from sign up to sending your first automated email in as little as 15 min.

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Watch as I setup an email automation system in about 4 minutes. You can too!!!


Includes all these great features and more:

  • 10,000 Automated Emails sends
  • 2,000 Fans
  • Personalized Landing Page
  • Event Manager
  • Overbooked™ Community Access
  • $8.99 / month + Free Trial

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